Why trees are planted in a line!

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We are expanding our forest by planting thousands of trees. To realize this we use a method of planting trees in a line. There are many benefits that promote the use of this method. So, what are these benefits?    

It is a structured, efficient and functional method. We use a planting machine in order to speed up the progress of planting thousands of saplings. Planting in a line allows the machine to drive over the soil without damaging other saplings.

In the first couple of years, the saplings need a lot of care to grow into healthy and strong trees. The weeds surrounding the area need to be cleared. By planting the trees in a line it is easier for the weed mower to move around the saplings. And to stimulate the saplings to grow strong.

Also, planting saplings in a line promotes biodiversity. As the saplings mature and flourish, they create an inviting environment that attracts a diverse range of animals, enabling them to explore and interact with the surrounding soil.

In the beginning, it's visually clear that the trees are planted in a row. However, as the saplings start to grow and become trees, they start growing in different directions and eventually form a forest. So, the initial row-like arrangement becomes less noticeable as they grow.

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