The Green Core: Planting a King's & Queen's Forest

Our dream of the King and Queen's forest is now a reality! We would like to take you through the process of planting this mixed forest of oak and beech trees.

Planting a new forest!

We planted a new forest on plot 8.
2500 trees were planted which will absorb carbon dioxide, save water, and reduce fine dust!

Returning to save our forest!

We finally were able to visit our forest again. It was hard work, but in the end, we managed to save the trees. We also discovered something interesting!

Our forest after Covid-19!

We could not visit our forest in France for over 6 months, this almost cost us the lives of our trees! Now we can, and MUST, go back to save the trees we planted.

Our new planting machine!

Together with our volunteers and sponsors, we have already achieved many great things with our forest. It is great to see how it is growing and developing more and more. You can see it is really starting to live.

Trip 2 trimming the grass!

Our second trip to France. We have to trim the grass to keep our young saplings alive.

First 3.000 trees have been planted!

The Green Core made a dream come true. We planted trees on our land. Watch this video to see our first tree being planted!

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