The Green Core's Mission

Our mission is to make this world a better place by building a forest of 100 hectares. So nature, flora and fauna will get the space and time it needs to develop. We do this by planting trees and creating new forests which will stay untouched for at least 60 years or longer.

Our forest is open to the public but is primarily designed for nature. We plant domestic trees and plantations without any commercial goals. To give plants, trees, insects and animals space and an environment to give them optimal living conditions. The aim is to create an area where nature can recover itself to a maximum.

We can do this with the help of sponsorship from companies and private donations. Also, by planting as many trees as possible with the help of volunteers.

Olaf Perlee 


Located within the borders of France, the Green Core forest stands as a testament to our commitment to environmental preservation. Unlike far-flung destinations such as Brazil, our forest resides close by, a local treasure to be cherished.

Moreover, the trees we have carefully planted in this forest are driven by a purpose greater than commercial gain. They embody our dedication to ecological balance, and we guarantee their steadfast presence for a minimum of 60 years, contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

These remarkable trees serve as nature's protectors, purifying the air we breathe, reducing carbon dioxide emissions, preserving water sources, and nurturing biodiversity.

Together, through our steadfast commitment to the Green Core forest, we embrace the profound impact that these trees have on our environment.

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