The art of planting trees!

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There is a lot that goes into planting trees. A careful preparation plan needs to be made. The land needs to be cleared carefully for the trees to grow tall and strong. A sapling that is going to be planted is normally not bigger than a meter and not thicker than a tree branch. Beech and oak trees can grow up to 30 meters and can live up to 1000 years. Growing forests is our future.

Planting trees often starts with a land full of weeds, stones and even water puddles. It is not a perfectly flat piece of land. The land must be first cleared and ploughed of all the weeds before the trees can be planted. The second step is tilling. Tilling is done twice. The first time is tilling the top and the second time is deep tilling. Deep tilling is about 10 cm into the ground in order for the tree to fit perfectly.

Depending on the land and water size the proper trees are selected for planting. Trees are a great solution to prevent flooding.

After planting the trees, the weeds will continue to grow over the sapling. The trees are still very short when planted. It is very important to keep clearing out the weeds until the trees reach a good-grown size. The trees need all the sunlight, nutrients and space they can get. The Green Core will make sure that the trees are taken care of.

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