Planting trees: Our mission continues!

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It is March, and that means it is time to plant trees and expand our forest. A team of Green Core volunteers are heading to France to plant 3.500 beech and oak trees. After our success in planting trees in the previous years, the Green Core mission continues.

This year, the Green Core volunteers will plant beech and oak trees in our forest in Brittany, France. Now, the land is a property of growing weeds. Together with our sponsors we will turn it into a forest and sustain biodiversity.

We start the planting process by clearing the land for our trees to grow tall and strong. The ground must first be cleared and ploughed before the trees can be planted. The trees are still very short when planted. The surrounding weeds need to be cleared for the tree to have all the space, nutrients, and sunlight to grow.

The second step is tilling. Tilling is done twice. The first time is tilling the top and the second time is deep tilling. Deep tilling is about 10 cm into the ground in order for the tree to fit perfectly.

The trees are selected based on their ability to support and sustain the biodiversity of the region. The 3.500 beech and oak trees will purify the air, produce oxygen, reduce carbon dioxide, maintain water and support biodiversity. One beech tree of 30 metres high provides 9000 litres of oxygen a day. One grown oak tree absorbs 20 kg of CO2 a year.

We would like to thank all our sponsors. Are you interested in helping us by becoming a volunteer or sponsor? You are welcome to reach out to us.

Check our video, about our planting journey.

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