Helping a worldwide mission: forest restoration and planting of new forest!

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With a combination of forest restoration and planting of new forest, globally only a maximum of 829 billion tons of CO2 can be extracted from the atmosphere this century. This is evident from a large international study led by ETH Zurich, a Swiss university.

To put this in perspective, 829 billion tons is equivalent to offsetting 22 years of the current annual emissions from coal, oil and gas combustion. However that’s only possible if we protect and allow the trees to grow to their full potential worldwide.

As the Green Core, we absolutely support this mission. As we are a part of this worldwide mission, we aim to build a forest of 100 hectares in France to remove as much CO2 from the atmosphere as we possibly can.

To ensure the effectiveness of The Green Core’s initiative, we commit to maintaining the forest for a minimum of 60 years. This long period will enable the trees to reach maturity and maximize their CO2 absorption potential. Also the longer the forest is kept alone, the more animals and insects can live there in peace. Not only will we plant new trees to make our forest bigger but we also keep existing trees in our forest and keep preserving them for our future generations.

Are you interested in helping us by becoming a volunteer or sponsor? You are welcome to reach out to us.

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