Electric all the way


Electric transport has a positive effect on air quality, noise and climate. Electric cars emit no or significantly less pollutants and ride often on green power. Fully electric vehicles do not emit nitrogen while driving. These vehicles make a positive contribution to air quality, especially important in cities. Electric vehicles reduce noise from traffic, because electric motors are silent.

Electric vehicles reduce CO2 emissions, thereby contributing to a better climate. Research by TNO shows that a fully electric car when using the normal power network has a 30 percent lower CO2 emission compared to an average petrol car. When using green electricity, a CO2 emission reduction of 70 percent is possible (Source: TNO).

Lithium batteries are often used in electric cars. These are relatively safe for the environment and are easy to recycle. There are already factories for recycling lithium batteries. As the number of electric vehicles increases, recycling also becomes more lucrative.

The expectation is that batteries will be reused in the future. For example, for temporary storage of local wind or solar energy. Lower quality requirements apply for this purpose, so depreciated EV batteries are given a second life (Source: TNO).